Transference of the biotechnological investigation orientated to the managerial profitability and mobilization of flows of business


Improvement and update of Biotransfer's Observatory of Biotechnology Research (INTECH)

Activity 2.1.1

Bringing together research groups and companies that may have common interests and establish collaborations (without specific funding for the collaboration) by:

  1. Update the catalogue (Observatory) of research resources (services and solutions that provide their research) and companies that need, or may need, biotechnology solutions to improve their products or services.
  2. Organization of different meetings (formal and informal), events, or talks, that become a meeting point between both "parties" as a way to facilitate the collaboration between research groups and companies.
  3. Participation in events organised outside the scope of the project (scientific congresses, innovation forums, etc) where both "parties" join together, fostering common spaces to facilitate collaboration.
  4. "Information Days" events to promote the transfer of research results and exchange of experiences in each region.

Promotion of agreements between companies and research groups, through funding of prototypes or proofs-of-concept

Activity 2.1.2

Before launching new research results into the commercial world, it is convenient to do a proof-of-concept or prototyping, to test market's acceptance of the product or service and the marketing strategy to be used. This allows the necessary adjustments to be made, in order to optimize the chances of successful transfer of technology.

The predecessor project had a short budget and short execution time, so it could only be conceived as a pilot project, without funding of the proof-of-concept. In BIOTRANSFER 2, each research group, with results previously identified as ready to perform a proof-of-concept, should find a collaboration with any company interested in marketing the product or service (or improvement of existing products or services), so that, together, they can carry out the proof-of-concept, formulate the any necessary adjustments and, if feasible, transfer that research result to the market as a viable commercial solution.

Facilitate tools for entrepreneurship in the field of biotechnology

Activity 2.2.1

In BIOTRANSFER, the content and usability of the "virtual bioincubator" web platform were upgraded to support entrepreneurs in the preparation of business plans.

In BIOTRANSFER 2 it is intended to make a more dynamic use of that tool, available both in Spanish and Portuguese language. For this purpose, the web tool will be managed and used by the Technology Parks of Tenerife and Terceira, as an outsourcing advisory service that will give continuity to the online platform and improve the advice to biotechnology entrepreneurs. The web platform development will be guaranteed by the IT staff at the Technology Parks.

The "bioincubator" was designed to be used by any entrepreneur, not necessarily a researcher, the new management style for this activity should enhance the setup of companies in both Technology Parks, thus achieving a multiplier effect of the results obtained in BIOTRANSFER for other activity sectors.

Management, coordination and communication

Activities 10 and 11

BIOTRANSFER 2 will have a management system in which its evolution is controlled, by measuring and registering indicators on a regular basis. At the beginning of the project, an identification and monitorisation system will be implemented that will allow the state of execution of the project to be known. This system will include a tool to control costs, risks and incidents, in order to mitigate possible negative impacts on the project execution.

The communication of our results, especially the catalogues of research groups and companies and the creation of collaborative spaces, is fundamental to achieve the interconnection between both actors. Likewise, communication must reach the whole society. Therefore, the events organized during execution (activity 2) will be used to also carry out dissemination activities (activity 4). The activities aimed at the "return of results" have been diversified into: one Project presentation action; two transfer days actions; one project closing action; several less formal events for more specific audiences.

We will take advantage of the website of the predecessor project and we will ensure a more frequent presence through the use of ICTs and social networks, reinforcing communication and dissemination through online media. The presence in the written press will be sporadic, since we are committed to more dynamic communication methods, rather than traditional media.


Biotransfer 2 is the continuation of projects Biopharmac and Biotransfer