Transference of the biotechnological investigation orientated to the managerial profitability and mobilization of flows of business

The project

Transfer of biotechnological research aimed at business profitability and mobilization of business flows.

The general objective of the project is to implement a profitable biotechnological research model in which the R&D activity of the participating regions is aligned with the needs of the companies or is the driving force for their creation. That is, encourage the transfer of technology.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (INTERREG) within the framework of the Territorial Cooperation Program MAC 2014-2020. It is part of the investment priority "Increase the transfer and diffusion of technology and cooperation between companies and universities or other research centers in the priority sectors", of thematic axis 1, "Enhance research, technological development and innovation".



Budget (m. €)


FEDER co-financing




Regions/ Countries

The robustness and guarantee of success of this project is based on the application of the results and experience acquired in its predecessors: BIÓPOLIS (announcement PIC INTERREG IIIC), BIOPHARMAC (MAC / 1 / C104) and BIOTRANSFER (MAC / 3 / C224). This project arises from the need to work in the weak points of the life cycle of a biotechnological product or service, in order to efficiently connect the research with the market, turning it into a work and business opportunity. The universities usually only face the first phases of the cycle and the results do not mature, being difficult to transfer to the business world using the usual mechanisms. And it is exactly where we want to aim.

Previous results

  • Interconnection and cooperation between companies and research teams.
  • Encouragement of entrepreneurship for researchers and creation of spin off.
  • Facilitate the relations of researchers and entrepreneurs with the Technology Parks, through the platform called "Virtual Bioincubator".
  • Support for the creation of companies in other sectors and the development of the Technology Parks of Macaronesia.



Biotransfer 2 is the continuation of  the Biopharmac and Biotransfer projects