Transference of the biotechnological investigation orientated to the managerial profitability and mobilization of flows of business


BIOTRANSFER was a project for the transfer of biotechnology research aimed at business profitability and mobilization of business flows, co-financed by the Madeira, Azores and Canarias Transnational Cooperation Program (2007-2013). Cabildo Insular de Tenerife participated as the Project Coordinator, together with the University of La Laguna, University of Madeira, University of Açores, Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation and University of Cabo Verde.

These entities collaborated to generate an intelligent, sustainable and integrating biotechnology research that allows the research community to refinance itself through the commercialization of its R+D+i and the creation of new products and services that generate growth, employment and competitiveness.

Main objetives

Biotransfer's main aims were the following:

  • To lay the foundations to generate business flows from opportunities of R+D+i offered by Macaronesia in the field of the Biotechnology.
  • To promote the technological transfer and stimulate the economic activity associated with the results of R&D in biotechnology.
  • To implants a model of profitable biotechnology research in which the research and development activities of the participant partners is aligned with the needs of the companies or becomes an engine for the creation of new companies.

Activities and specific objetives

BIOTRANSFER developed a set of activities that are grouped in three specific objectives:

Specific objetive 1: Intelligent research.


·    Production of Protocols for proof-of-concept and prototypes of the potentially transferable research results.

·     To create an Observatory of Biotechnology Research (INTECH).

Specific objetive 2: Sustainable research.


·      Instil the transfer of technology into the community.

·      Promotion of corporate social responsibility.

·      Promote biotechnological entrepreneurship.

Specific objetive 3: To introduce results-oriented research into the digital market.


·  Setting up BIOTRANSFER in fast and ultra-fast internet networks and in interoperable applications.

·      Design BIOTRANSFER’s communications plan.

Specific objetive 4: Control and management of the project.


·     Project follow-up.