Transference of the biotechnological investigation orientated to the managerial profitability and mobilization of flows of business


BIOTRANSFER 2 has a clear chronology in the development of biotechnology transfer projects. The starting point dates back to 2006 with the project "BIOPOLIS: Building a European Bio-Region", developed within the announcement PIC INTERREG IIIC. BIOPOLIS created a collaborative network of work among researchers from the Biomedicine and Biotechnology sectors (now in operation), and defined an action plan for the research sector, included in the strategic plans developed. As a result of this plan, defined in BIOPOLIS, the project "BIOPHARMAC: Development of biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries based on Macaronesian knowledge and biodiversity" was created in 2009 (code MAC/1/C104). To work on the obstacles detected in BIOPHARMAC, BIOTRANSFER emerged in 2014, which with a low budget and execution period was conceived as a pilot project. BIOTRANSFER 2, is the realization with time and resources of the proven in BIOTRANSFER.


The general objective of the BIOPHARMAC project (project that continues the BIOPOLIS Interreg IIIB project), was to strengthen the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industrial fabric based on Macaronesian knowledge and biodiversity, co-financed with FEDER funds.


BIOTRANSFER is a project for the transfer of biotechnological research aimed at business profitability and mobilization of business flows co-financed by the Madeira, Azores and Canarias Transnational Cooperation Program (2007-2013).